Lets get creative with your nudes, (think the film calendar girls) we are looking for fun, interesting and playful content. Overtly sexual images will not be considered for publishing.


In selecting the model release checkbox and submitting my photograph(s), I hereby certify that I am the owner of said photograph(s), that it is myself featured in the image being submitted, that I possess full legal capacity to execute the foregoing authorisation and am 18 years of age or older. In submitting these I grant Nudes for Heroes the royalty-free and non-exclusive rights to distribute my submitted photograph(s) on their OnlyFans account. I also certify that I do not have any interest in the copyright to the photograph(s) nor shall I receive any payment for these.

I understand that my photograph(s) will feature on the Nudes for Heroes OnlyFans account where members of the public will have access to view the images for a fee and NHS staff will view free of charge. I acknowledge that whilst Nudes for Heroes are responsible for the safe handling and uploading of my photograph(s) , that they are not responsible for use of the pictures done by other users and that third parties will be accountable for any use of the content outside the platform.

In selecting the optional first checkbox i approve the use of censored copies of my photograph(s) being used for promotion I accept that these images will be used for marketing purposes on social media outlets including Instagram, and potential third party press coverage.

Should I at any point wish to have my photograph(s) removed from OnlyFans and the NFH database I am aware that I can contact Nudes for Heroes who will oblige, however I acknowledge that third parties may have previously downloaded the image which Nudes of Heroes are unable to take responsibility for.

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